the story

Established in 2014 by three Adelaide craft beer enthusiasts, Jared Birbeck, Peter Lynn and Antony Tropeano, with The dream of crafting something that represented our passion for good quality beer. After many trials and experimentations our inaugural brew ’13’ Pale Ale was released in summer of 2015.

Our brewing philosophy is to create beers that allow the flavours and aromas from each ingredient to flourish, with each having it’s own story to tell. Nothing over complicated, using quality Australian ingredients for the Australian climate. Jared, our head-brewer, has spent many devoted hours developing each recipe. Preserving true craftsmanship, using quality natural ingredients, traditional techniques & with no artificial ingredients, flavours or preservatives being added. Our goal is to introduce beer drinkers to flavoursome & aromatic beers & turn them into enthusiasts, like us, who have a genuine appreciation for how good craft beer can be!

Whilst our initial brews would be considered quite easy to approach, our range will continue to develop to meet the growing demand for Australian craft beer and to suit the advancement of our consumer’s flavour palate.

Whilst we’re based in Adelaide, South Australia, we brew our beers at various local breweries and are proud to call ourselves ‘Gypsy Brewers’. Our clan has grown recently and have appointed our ‘Head Gypsy’ Jarrad Hyde to hit the road & distribute our beers to watering hole near you!

the Beers

Showcases spicy, floral and citrus like aromas from the use of Summer & Amarillo hops. Our Session Ale has a clean crisp finish with light bitterness and fruity characteristics making for a very session-able brew!

volume375 mL

ABV    4.5%

IBU     27

FlavourFloral, citrus, tropical fruit, light grain, malt

Bitterness Sweetness

An exceptionally well balanced IPA with strong hop characters demonstrating citrus, tropical fruit and piney resinous hop notes balanced by a light biscuity malt character.

volume375 mL

ABV    5.5%

IBU     50

FlavourCitrus, tropical fruit, piney hop notes

Bitterness Sweetness

Why Cans?

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If you wish to stock any Malt Fiction beers at a bar, restaurant or event please contact our 'Head Gypsy' Jarrad Hyde and he'll advise details and process your order. call +61 423 582 004 or email

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